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Private tours to discover Berlin with an exclusive guide

Here you can find all our english private tours - ready to book them now! Discover all of Berlin with a highly professional and dedicated private english speaking tourguide. A private walking tour is always a profound indvidual experience, therefore we will customize every theme & tour according to your time, your interests and your questions! Enjoy the in-depth and personal way of exploring one of Europes most fascinating cities, when your private tourguide meets you at the place and time of your choice - just pick some ideas below!

Essential Berlin

Berlin city center tour with all major sights

Welcome to stroll around through the capital's history by visiting the Brandenburg Gate, the notorious Berlin Wall and the beautiful Gendarmenmarkt! During the 20th century alone Berlin housed fascists, witnessed the devastation of war, was separated into two cities and pieced it all back together afterwards. We like to tell you the secrets of the Reichstag building, TV Tower and Museum Island as well as why the city’s struggle with the past is its future.

Duration: 3,5 h

East Berlin

From the ruins of war to a city of change

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From the ruins of war to a city of change - together we explore emblematic locations like the New Synagogue up to the impressive communist architecture on former Stalin Avenue. We will take you to the East Berlin neighborhoods to discover what it was like to live under “real existing socialism”. What the existence and subsequent disappearance of an entire country meant for its citizens, we finally discuss at the famous East Side Gallery.

Duration: 3,5 h


Between bohemian life-style, multi-culti and gentrification

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You are looking for 'the' alternative Berlin? Then let us introduce you this most colourful Berlin district. We will show you how the turkish population shaped 'Little Istanbul' and how the 1980s squatters' movement helped to protect some of the most beautiful parts of Berlin. Let's see what gentrification means, with Street Art on every corner and urban gardening projects for everyone.

Duration: 3,5 h

Jewish Berlin

inside, out and back to life

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Follow us to the roots of jewish life and culture in Berlin! A Berlin quarter also known as “Scheunenviertel” once was centre of jewish life since the 17th century. The scars of the III. Reich are still all around, but there is again a growing jewish community today. We walk around Spandauer Vorstadt passing by places like the New Synagogue and Rosenstrasse to finally see how Otto Weidt helped many jewish citizens to survive the Nazi terror.

Duration: 3,5 h

Street Art

Reflections on society in public spaces

Join us to look into the scene and gorgeous world of street art! Berlin definitely is the mecca for street art lovers. Impressive wall paintings, graffitis, stencils, pastings and urban art fill up the streets. As the Berlin Wall was probably the biggest canvas in the world, today festivals like Backjumps have provided even the first official walls. See how artists like Blu, Roa, Vhils, Os Gêmeos and Victor Ash converted the streets into a posh gallery.

Berlin Total

The one day experience

You want it all in just one day? Well, this is your chance - like Berlin itself, we are mixing prussian glory with the Golden 20's, the Nazi’s traces with WWII and we sketch out the city’s separation into two cities up to their final reunification. As you will see, Berlin’s colourful history is present around every corner. We will dismantle the bustling city and no doubt, as it is constantly changing, there will be always more.

Duration: 6 h

The III Reich

Berlin under the Swastika

The twelve years that the Nazis ruled Germany have left their mark everywhere in Berlin. Let us show you what impact the Nazi-regime had when we take you on a journey to the Olympic Stadium and to the place where Hitler died to talk about impacts. Follow us into the Bavarian quarter, formerly known as 'Jewish Switzerland', before we will be reminded at the memorial Track 17 how tens of thousands of Berlin Jews were deported to the concentration camps.

Duration: 6 h


The miracle of the House of Brandenburg

Nestled between forests and lakes, and surrounded by palaces and legends lies the magnificent city of Potsdam. Together we unveil the secret stories hiding behind the beautiful facade of a prussian answer to Versailles. We talk about the Potsdam conference held in the Cecilienhof before visiting the quaint Dutch quarter and the final resting place of Frederick the Great at Sanssouci Palace. Join our walking or bike tour - it’s up to you!

Duration: 6 h


Concentration Camp & Memorial

On this tour we will take you back to the prisoners' daily life and their struggle for survival on the basis of selected biographies. Sachsenhausen was the concentration camp closest to the Nazi capital and became a prototype on which all other camps were based. The prisoners were not criminals - they were Communists, Jews and whoever else the Nazis considered their enemy. Just imagine that 200 000 inmates from 40 countries had been here.

Duration: 6 h

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