The Tour Guide Cooperative

Vive Berlin is a locally enrooted enterprise which was developed as a cooperative by its independent members. Vive Berlin was founded by dedicated tour guides in 2009. Since then we have realised more than 40 000 tours and accompanied more than 250 000 satisfied and enthused guests in and around Berlin. Our large variety of tours by foot or bike, by coach or car are available in 8 languages and on 365 days a year. And all have just one goal: to show everyone interested our exciting capital city Berlin.

Three principles are the foundation of our cooperative and its performance: originality, excellence and reliability. We don’t just want to show our guests Berlin but make them experience the historic and modern changes of the city, explore it together and make it comprehensible. We perceive our work as a conveyance of historical coherences, as education in progressive tradition because we believe that Berlin and its history offer a unique opportunity to reflect on German and European history of the 20th century and its present.

All our members are at least bilingual and see their work as a passion, a vocation with high claims to quality and individuality. At Vive Berlin you will not be presented with standard speeches learnt by heart from books but with personal perspectives from committed Berliners which are based on profound factual knowledge and an affinity for our city. We like to share this passion and fascination for our city with all our guests and this is reflected in each and every single tour. One thing is for sure: if you turn up at our meeting point, having pre-booked or not, your desired tour will take place whatever the weather.

All our members have a strong biographical connection with Berlin, be it that they were born here or have lived here for a long time (mimimum 12 years).We believe it makes a big difference whether you visit Kreuzberg with someone who has just lived in the city for two or three years or with a native who knows the traders in Markthalle IX personally. Or to experience the Berlin wall with a guide who's relatives once fled across the wall themselves. We know from experience: the emotional connection with the city cannot be studied.

A small example of our strong relation with the city can be found in a small side street in Stadtmitte, which through our involvement has been changed forever. It began with a Vive Berlin guided tour through the Spandauer Vorstadt. Subsequently, our cooperative engaged itself in the reunification of 23 family members from 3 different continents . Among them was a Holocaust survivor who returned to his place of birth after 90 years and visited some of the locations of his childhood with us. In remembrance of this family’s tragic experiences and its individual members personal stories six stumbling stones were laid down in 2017.

At Vive Berlin, the individuality of our guides and the wishes of our guests always occupy centre stage in what we offer. Berlin is quite simply our home and not just a backdrop for exciting stories.

Our guides





Passionate philosopher and tourguide.

Born in East Germany Kai has been living in Berlin for more 20 years now. Witnessed the fall of the Wall and the reunification of Germany and sure can give numerous first hand impressions about it. Successfully completed simultaneous studies of philosophy, sociology and economics at Humboldt University Berlin and characterizes himself passionately as an entrepreneur, writer, musician and tour guide all at once.








Global citizen acting as a culture and language mediator in Berlin.

Having spent her childhood in Germany and the US, Myrna's passion for other countries and cultures was awakened early. A degree in 'Culture and Language Mediation' at Southern Denmark University was the stepping stone which led to her vocation as a tour guide. After 15 years abroad, she now calls Berlin her home and loves to share the city's fascinating history and present-day energy with Vive Berlin's guests.





Born and grewn up in East-Berlin.

Kennedy's famous words "Ich bin ein Berliner" were unheared by Mirko. Born in 1963, he grew up in "real existing Socialism". An officer-in-training, he was dishonorably discharged from the army. A trained bookseller in East Berlin's late 80's he experienced the fall of the Wall in his home town. Focussing on German history and literature, he loves to bring his everchanging Berlin to the benefit of you.