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All of our regularly-led tours are also available as private tours, scheduled with your own personal guide at a time convenient for you or your group. Beside our regular tours Vive Berlin also offers many different tours with a broad range of topics from Prussia to the squatting movement and street art. Just scroll down to find out what we have to offer.
You can choose whether you want to do these tours by foot, by bike or whether you want a private car with a driver. For bigger groups we can offer you special conditions for renting a bus. Transfers from and to the airport as well as to other destinations are also an option.
If you are looking for something beyond the ordinary or want to combine content of different tours we are happy to create a unique tour custom tailored to your needs and interests. We always have an open ear for your wishes and ideas!
Just contact us by e-mail or phone for more information: or 0049-30-60940925 or 0049-157-84546696

Here some examples for private tours


Berlin’s old working class district has risen to one of the hottest outgoing locations in the last years. On this tour, you will see both the old and the new. You will learn about the workers’ families’ lives in the early 20th century, the enormous reconstruction programs of the GDR after the war and the squatters’ movement in the early nineties, but we will also show you were you can continue your day in Berlin after the tour – Friedrichshain style!

Duration: 3,5 h

UNESCO World Cultural Heritage

More than 900 cultural and natural landmarks are currently listed as UNESCO world heritage sites, three of them in and around Berlin. On this tour we will take you to these places that bear such great cultural significance: Museum Island, Berlin’s revolutionary modernist housing estates and some of the palaces and parks of Prussian Berlin.

Duration: 5h

Gentrification tour

Ever since the wall fell Berlin once again has become a Mecca for all those seeking an alternative lifestyle. The city is full of artists, students, revolutionaries and day dreamers, their liberal lifestyle can be experienced in almost every corner. We take you to those four neighborhoods that over the last 20 years have been known as what Berliners call “die Szene”, simply the scene, the place to be for all those individualists, the cool, the hip and the different and all those trying to get some of that coolness too: Mitte, Prenzlauer Berg, Friedrichshain-Kreuzberg and “Kreuzkölln”. This tour will not just cover the places that gave Berlin its party and protest image, it will also talk about the massive gentrification that has been happening as a result and is still threatening Berlin’s unique lifestyle like almost nothing else.

Duration: 5h

East Berlin Extended

This tour will go beyond your standard “East/Communist Berlin Tour”. We will visit places off the tourist tracks to understand Berlin’s history as the capital of East Germany. From massive Soviet Memorials to inflated socialist suburbia and from Europe’s biggest sports grounds to the most notorious torture prison in East Germany – This tour will show you some of the most interesting, yet hard to find places in the city. It also includes a visit to the site of the former border checkpoint that was the first to fall on 9 November 1989, one of the most historical places in Berlin.

Duration: 6h

Basic Berlin - The Highlights in one hour

You're only in the city for a short time, but still want to see at least some of the most important sights?

This is your tour! Starting at the Alexanderplatz we will take you on quick ride with the S-Bahn from the City East to the City West. During short stops at the Central Station, the Hackescher Markt, the Zoo and the Alexanderplatz we will show you the Museum Island, the Government Quarter with the Reichstag, the Tiergarten with the Victory Column, the TV-Tower and much more.

Only for small groups up to five persons.

Duration: 1h


The miracle of Brandenburg

Nestled between forests and lakes, and surrounded by palaces and legends, the magnificent city of Potsdam lies to the south of Berlin. The tour unveils the secret stories hiding behind the beautiful facade of Berlin’s answer to   Versailles as you get a glimpse into the pomp and circumstance of Prussia. We also discuss Potsdam’s 20th century significance including the post-WWII Potsdam conference held in the Cecilienhof. You’ll visit the quaint Dutch quarter, sites where cold war spy swapped, and the final resting place of Frederick the Great at Sanssouci Palace.

Duration: 6 hours
An ABC all-day transit ticket is required for this tour.


Kreuzberg in all of its glory

Over the last couple of decades Berlin has become quite a multicultural city. No part of the city represents this diversity better than Kreuzberg, the district just south of the city center. On this tour we will show you how the former Nazi airport Tempelhof and the squatting movement helped protect some of the most beautiful parts of the city, how the turkish population shaped what is now often called 'Little Istanbul', how the punk culture of the '80s led to the annual riots at the 1st of may and what conflicts move the city today.
Come with us to Kreuzberg and discover a completely different side of Berlin!

Duration: 3.5 hours
An AB all-day transit ticket is required for this tour.