The Cold War

From the division to the reunification
Eastside Gallery Berlin
World Time Clock at Alexanderplatz
Frankfurter Allee (Stalinallee) Berlin
Eastside Gallery Berlin

After the defeat in WWII, Berlin was divided into 4 sectors controlled by the western allies and the soviets. But soon their coalition began to crumble when a new conflict emerged: The Cold War. Being in a front position between the two systems Berlin became one of the main scenes in this conflict of spies, deceits and clandestine agencies.

Follow us on this tour and learn how the uprise of the 17th of June made the young East German Harald Jäger a supporter of the socialist GDR, why he defended the Wall as a border patrol soldier and what made him join the Stasi, East Germany´s feared intelligence service. But also hear the stories of people who risked their freedom and their lifes trying to escape over the deathstrip close to Checkpoint Charlie, how 57 people crawled towards freedom through an escape tunnel in Bernauer Street, how the people of the GDR faced the regime in the monday demonstrations and what role Harald Jäger played in the events of the 9th of November '89 that led to the fall of the Wall.

Duration: 4,5 hours

This tour is only available for private groups upon request. Please make a reservation.

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