About Vive Berlin

About Vive Berlin

What is Vive Berlin eG.?

Vive Berlin is a young cooperative of guides that invite you to the infinite facets of this amazing city. Our team, consisting of locals and Berlin-lovers from all around the world, unites the passion for presenting this lively city with a mix of history, arquitecture and anecdotes about Berlin and the people living here.

Are you voluntaries, students or salaried?

We are diverse group of independent tourguides that have decided to work together on a common project to present you this fantastic city. What unites us is the love for Berlin and our work, we are fascinated by the history and we have the motivation to do the best tours in Berlin for our customers.

For whom are you working?

We work as autonomous guides, but on a common platform, our cooperative. There is no single boss, we work as equals, but of course with a structure that helps us to organize and develope new projects.

Where are you coming from?

Argentina, Bolivia, Chile, Germany, Netherlands, Puerto Rico, Spain, Sweden, UK, USA and Venezuela.

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